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 I'm Dr. Kathy

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I'm Dr. Kathy Lacina
  • Spiritual Counselor
  • Coach
  • Dream Therapist

I'm the Founder of MeToo Recovery & Search Thyself Within. I am here to support you on your Spiritual Journey to Recovery. 

Changes are in the air and they have been long over due. But, before I could  help you, I was being prepped for this time. I needed to heal from my own  sexual abuse, addictions and relationship issues before I could help anyone.   God has gifted me with knowledge and understanding of those he sends in my direction.  It is not just based on the years of education but moreso by finding the God within after sifting through the layers of dysfunction.  Having put the old self to death and being renewed by his Grace has been the most challenging and the most rewarding thing I ever did. Is life any easier?   HMMM, Whenever I walk in the Spirit, life is almost perfect. Whenever I am faced with the realities of life as I work along side of my clients, I am reminded of just how cruel life can be. 


I had become disillusioned with the church and lost my faith for a time. I experienced major depression and didn't understand why God had forsaken me.  I would find out later in my recovery process that God had not left me, it was I who left him.  I had come to believe the words of men over the word of God within me. I stopped hearing his voice and traded it for the voice of man. I believed the  religious jargon, political opinions and the  abusers of power.  I would be challenged during my time in recovery, to face the lies I had come to believe. Now, I am here to help you do the same.  

                                  Thank you for dropping by.

Study to shew thyself

approved unto God

2Timothy 2:15

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Our Mission

Welcome to our site!


 I am a Christian and I am a Counselor.  I am not a religious person but I am very spiritual as I walk alongside the God that I serve. I could not imagine going through recovery without God with me, I have walked in  your shoes and I understand your pain. My mission, my calling is to Educate the Public and help others in the healing process of their abuse recovery.


There are literally millions of individuals who have suffered physical, sexual and emotional abuse and the mental health system is far too burdened to help them all. If we could stand together and learn the tools that God has given us, apply our gifts &  then pay it forward to others, we will have done a good thing.


 Lets start 12 step recovery groups for the abused and disabled. Lets not shun these individuals and ignore their pain any longer. They need support, prayer and healing.


I have never turned away an indivdual God has put in my path nor will I ever as Long as I still have breath.  It is my goal to create coursework, ebooks, blog posts and any other means I can to reach as many hurting people as I can while I still live. I hope to inspire others to continue this mission which has just scratched the surface. 



Without the continual compassion of others, I fear the fruit will wither and rot.


                          We MUST do all we can to STOP CHILD ABUSE.